Why Should a Bank use the SVEJDA Contract Cost Reduction Service?

SVEJDA has worked with hundreds of banks and savings and loan associations in more than 30 states and three foreign countries. We have gained widespread market knowledge of what banks pay for various services and products. We have also negotiated many contracts and purchases for our clients. As a result, we have knowledge of the price at which vendors are willing to sell their products and services. This special market knowledge can help our bank clients lower their costs from third party vendors.

In addition, SVEJDA has developed proprietary units of measurement for comparing the cost for a given product or service from one bank to another on an "apples to apples' comparison basis. We have developed sufficient market knowledge that we can tell you what kind of deal you are receiving from a cost viewpoint for many of the products and services you buy. 

From our experience, we have found the contract areas included in this service consistently offer significant cost reduction opportunities for banks. We have developed an information data base and a negotiation process to help banks achieve "A" deals in their contracts for core data processing, ATM/Debit card processing, item processing, Internet banking, bill payment, and check vendor contracts. 

This review service also identifies key dates to put into a tickler file so that both the financial institution and SVEJDA will be notified of key dates to take action. Many contracts automatically renew if no action is taken by a certain time period before a contract is scheduled to end. 

Further, we offer this service at no risk to your bank. Because of our experience and confidence that we can reduce your costs, we offer this service on a contingency fee basis.

Why Should a Bank Choose the SVEJDA Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program?

Our Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program has enjoyed an extraordinary reception by financial institutions. It is normally the initial profit enhancement service provided for a client. Following are some of the features of the Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program that set us apart from competitors.

Our No-Risk Guarantee

In the event your bank approves none of our recommendations, for any reason, there is no cost to you. We do not charge for travel expenses and our minimum fee is $0.

Cap on fees

We strictly limit our fees and guarantee a minimum gain or return.

Our focus for Profit Enhancement Ideas

Our focus for profit enhancement is different from any other consulting firm. That is because our profit enhancement ideas have been developed from our own studies at hundreds of other banks. We have often come into banks after other profit enhancement consultants have been there. Typically, less than 10% of our normal profit enhancement idea recommendations have been found and recommended by the previous consultants.

Unique Areas of Profit Enhancement Evaluation

Our Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program evaluates many operations of a bank not considered by other consulting firms.

We stake our reputation and our compensation on results.

Speed of Results

Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry. We present recommendations approximately 4 to 5 weeks after our data gathering visit and many of the recommendations can be implemented immediately.

Program is not disruptive to normal staff work

This is Not an Audit

Our function is to direct your entire staff toward discovery of opportunities for earnings improvement, not to point out things that are wrong with your business.