Our Guarantee

Since many bank executives are skeptical about being able to achieve real earnings improvement from a consulting firm's profit enhancement program, we have made our Program risk free to your bank. Our guarantee has four parts: 

Part 1

The annual increase in earnings (before tax) resulting from the Program must be at least 2 times the consulting fee paid to SVEJDA for the first $20,000 of annual benefit, and at least 3 times for the annual benefit in excess of $20,000. The fee to SVEJDA is computed on only one-year of annual benefit to your bank; the profit enhancement continues indefinitely.

Only readily measurable, real increases in income or cost reductions are counted. (This part of the guarantee excludes vendor contract cost reductions negotiated by SVEJDA, which are priced separately based on actual results over the term of the contract).

Part 2

Only recommendations approved by your bank are counted toward the guarantee. Your bank's management is the sole judge of what is approved. 

Part 3

Ideas already planned for implementation by your bank but not yet implemented, are not counted as Program results. 

Part 4

As further assurance that the program is risk free to your bank, no fee is due SVEJDA until after recommendations are presented and your management team feels comfortable that the annual benefit from approved recommendations will satisfy this guarantee.