Terrance Svejda, President/CEO


As the founding principal of SVEJDA and Company, Inc., Terry Svejda is a recognized authority in the area of profit enhancement for community financial institutions. He and his consulting firm have performed profit enhancement studies at over 1,000 banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations. The projects include financial institutions throughout the United States. Profit Enhancement Programs have also been done for banks in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. 

He has also authored a three volume set of books on profit enhancement for banks. Mr. Svejda started his banking career with First National Bank of St. Paul (Minnesota) in 1972 as a systems and operations research analyst. The bank was over $1 billion in assets at that time and had an internal department of eleven staff members who served as internal operations "consultants" and analysts. During the course of his eight years at First National Bank of St. Paul, Mr. Svejda developed an operations earnings enhancement program for its correspondent banks.   

A native of Iowa, Mr. Svejda graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Math (with honors) and a Masters degree in Statistics. While working full-time at First National Bank of St. Paul, he acquired a law degree (Juris Doctor degree, graduating cum laude) from William Mitchell College of Law in a four-year program. 

During 1980-1983, Mr. Svejda owned a private law firm and consulting practice for banks. However, the business of consulting won the future direction of his career. The time had come in 1983 to begin to refine the Profit Enhancement Program for banks and savings and loans. Mr. Svejda developed this area of consulting at two established bank consulting firms during 1983-1985. In 1985, Mr. Svejda started his own consulting firm with two other partners, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Since that time, partners have changed as the company grew, expanding into many other states. The Company moved to Orlando, Florida, in 1988, then moved in 1993 to Lake Mary, Florida (a suburb of Orlando). 

For more than twenty years, Mr. Svejda has focused his efforts on the development and ongoing refinement of the Profit Enhancement Program for financial institutions. Mr. Svejda has been a speaker on the topic of profit enhancement opportunities for banks at many bank conventions and conferences.


Speaking engagements have included: 

  • Michigan Association of Community Bankers - 2004 Convention on the topic of "Hidden Profit Opportunities in Your Bank's Operations". 
  • Virginia Association of Community Bankers - 2003 Convention on the topic of "Hidden Profit Opportunities in Your Bank's Operations". 
  • Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) seminar on the topic of "Hidden Profit Opportunities in Your Bank's Operations" (2003). 
  • American Bankers' Association - 2003 National Conference for Community Bankers. 
  • Independent Community Bankers' of America - 2003 National Convention & TechWorld. 
  • Independent Community Bankers' Association of New Mexico - 2001 Annual Meeting). 
  • Annual CUBS (Cooperative Users of Banking Systems, Inc.) Conference (2000). 
  • Community Bankers' of Florida Annual Convention (multiple years). BAI (Bank Administration Institution) CFO and Controllers Conference for Community Banks (1998). 
  • Seminars sponsored by Independent Bankers' Bank (Illinois) (1996 - 1998). 
  • Financial Managers Society (Florida) (1995). 
  • Independent Bankers' Association of Texas Annual Convention (1995).

In addition, Mr. Svejda has written and self-published a number of books on various topics relating to profit enhancement for banks. Included among these books are: 

  • Guidelines for Getting an "A" Deal on the Cost of Your Bank's Core Data Processing Services (2002). 
  • Hidden Profit Opportunities in Bank Operations: 
  • Volume I - Cash Management and Check Collection (1995). 
  • Volume II - Data Processing (1995). 
  • Volume III - Loan Services and Loan Operations (1995). 
  • The Great Debate: In-house versus Service Bureau Data Processing for Community Banks (1989).

Matt Svejda, Consultant and Data Analyst


Matt Svejda has been employed with Svejda and Company, Inc. since 1992. Matt is the primary data analyst for both the SVEJDA Profit Enhancement Program and the Contract Cost Reduction Service. 

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Sandra Martin, Market Analyst


Sandy Martin has been employed with Svejda and Company, Inc. since 1992. Sandy conducts the marketing surveys for the SVEJDA Profit Enhancement Programs. 

Prior to this time Sandy worked for several financial institutions, gaining experience as a branch manager and as a regional manager for loan originations, related sales and services. Her loan experience includes consumer, commercial and real estate loans.