SVEJDA Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program (PEP)

  • Check Collection and Cash Management
  • Data Processing
  • Non Credit Services
  • Loan Operations and Loan Services
  • Interest Income and Interest Expense
  • Non Interest Expense
  • Contract Cost Reduction for check vendor contracts, ATM/Debit card processing contracts, item processing services, core data processing contracts with outside third parties, Internet banking, and bill payment contracts.

This program normally results in 10 to 20 recommendations that are quick and easy to implement Any recommendations involving the negotiation of a lower cost contract are negotiated by SVEJDA on your behalf.

Expected Benefits of Quick Start


The above table illustrates the average annual value of recommendations presented for consideration, as well as, the average annual value of recommendations approved and implemented by client banks in relation to bank asset size.  


 We will normally have one or two consultants working directly with your bank. Much of our analysis, research, market surveying and report preparation is done by additional staff at our offices.

Following is an outline of the typical SVEJDA Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program process:



This program has been designed to be non-disruptive. The following features of the Program emphasize non-disruption.

We keep data gathering visits short.

About 80% of work that goes into Program is done in our offices.

Program does not require detailed logging or record keeping by your staff.

Implementation of approved recommendations will be quick and easy. Many can be implemented the same day they are approved.


The purpose of this program is to find ways to increase income or decrease expenses in your bank within current operations… ways with which your management and staff are comfortable. We have discovered over 500 hidden profit enhancement opportunities over the years. We know where to look for them.

This program will normally result in 10 to 20 recommendations for profit enhancement that we think the bank's management will be interested in considering. We try to keep the number of recommendations small enough so the bank can easily implement them.

The scope of the SVEJDA Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program is a review of your bank's current operations. However, we specifically exclude productivity measurement and staffing analysis. We try to find ways for your bank to make more money in ways that are comfortable to your management and staff, that is not sensitive to customers and by using your current data processing system. This is not a strategic business planning program, accounting program, or restructuring of assets and liabilities. It is a program designed for increasing earnings under current operations with common sense, practical ideas.

On average, the earnings enhancement comes from these areas:

  • Cash Management and Check Collections 10%
  • Data Processing 10%
  • Loans and Loan Operations 15%
  • Noncredit Services 40%
  • Interest Income/Interest Expense (non-sensitive niche areas) 10%
  • Contract Cost Reduction 10%
  • Miscellaneous Non-Interest Expense 5%


 Our focus for this service is finding hidden profit opportunities within current operations that are easy to implement and not customer sensitive.
The service includes a review and appraisal of potential contract cost reductions that can be negotiated (by SVEJDA) for the following types of third party contracts:

  • ATM/Debit Card Processing
  • Core Data Processing
  • Item Processing
  • Check Vendor
  • Internet Banking
  • Bill Payment

This is not a productivity, time-motion study or staff reduction program.

Profit Enhancement may be from revenue increases or cost reductions.

There is no risk to your bank. The annual increase in earnings (before taxes) to your bank must be at least three (3) times our one-time fee (except the first $20,000 of annual benefit, where the benefit is two (2) times our fee).

We pay our own expenses. Therefore, the only cost to your bank is the project fee. The fee is contingent on recommendations approved by your bank. If you approve none of our recommendations, there is no cost to you.

We only need one or two days of data gathering on site with 1 or 2 consultants.
Each project normally results in 10 - 20 recommendations for profit enhancement.
Recommendations will normally be ready to present in a written report within four to five weeks following our data gathering visit.

The following table illustrates the average annual value of recommendations presented for consideration, as well as, the average annual value of recommendations approved and implemented by client banks in relation to bank asset size.  

Actual results vary considerably from one bank to another.

You have full control over which recommendations are approved for implementation.

The program is not disruptive to your staff or ongoing operations.

We like to involve your staff for their ideas, so they feel like they are contributing, but without disrupting their jobs.

There is no upfront fee or deposit payable before the Program starts. The fee is paid only after our written recommendations are presented and you feel comfortable that our guarantee will be satisfied.

Approved recommendations can be implemented quickly and easily. 

Many of the recommendations can be implemented on the same day they are approved.