About Us

SVEJDA is pronounced "sway - dee"

SVEJDA and Company, Inc. (SVEJDA) is a bank consulting firm located in Lake Mary, Florida (a suburb of Orlando).

The Company was started by Terrance E. Svejda in December, 1988, as a successor bank consulting firm to Svejda & Thompson Associates, Inc. (Memphis, Tennessee), which was started in 1985.

SVEJDA specializes in finding hidden profit enhancement opportunities within current operations for banks and savings and loan associations. Over the past 21 years of providing consulting services to financial institutions, SVEJDA has completed profit enhancement projects for over 900 financial institution clients throughout the U.S. and three foreign countries. The Company has discovered and presented well over 500 different profit enhancement ideas for ways to increase income and decrease expenses.

Our Company has remained small over the years, typically with 5 to 8 employees. This allows us to provide consistent and high quality service. We believe that our area of focus for profit enhancement and our non-disruptive method of finding ways to increase income and decrease expense for banks is unique and different from any other bank consulting firm. We have often performed our profit enhancement reviews after other bank consulting firms have recently been in a bank. Because our focus on where to find profit enhancement opportunities is different than other bank consulting firms, we are always able to find additional profit enhancement for our clients.