This service is available only to financial institutions that previously used one of our primary profit enhancement services.

We have classified the hidden profit enhancement opportunities that we have discovered for banks over the past 21 years into "A", "B", and "C" categories.

The "A" ideas are the most popular among our clients, with the "B" and "C" ideas being approved and implemented by a lower percentage of our clients.

Our primary profit enhancement service (Quick Start Profit Enhancement Program) focuses on finding and presenting the "A" ideas. The result is a Program that is easy to perform and implement with minimal staff time required. Many of our clients also like the "B" and "C" ideas. Therefore, we have saved these profit enhancement ideas for a further follow-up service for clients that like what they saw in our A-List Quick Start and would like to look for more profit enhancement opportunities within their current operations.

Also, as banks grow or acquire other branches or banks, their operations change. This follow-up review is a good way to take a quick look for profit enhancement opportunities before too much time passes.